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                            Watch this space for exciting news of coming events


 3rd February Demonstration of Clairvoyance                   with Charlene Austin


Workshop with Chris Connelly

18th March 10am to 4pm

                 Guide Association Hall, St Peter's Lane, BR5 2DT

                                    Full details to follow

       Ring Sally 07879 820125 or Wendy 07734 793640 to book

                    Cost £8 a head, £6 for members
     7.30pm Orpington Conservative Association Hall
          6, Sevenoaks Road, Orpington BR6 9JJ

Contact: Sally 07879 820125 Wendy 07734793640


            29th March Demonstration of Trance Mediumship with                                         Elaine Thorpe
                        7.30pm  Orpington Conservative Association Hall, Sevenoaks Road, BR6 9JJ
                                      Full details to follow


                                         Psychic Fair 26th June

                                                           10am to 4pm

     at Chelsfield Community Hall, Windsor Drive, Chelsfield BR6 6EY

Free admission for an affordable day of love and light with Readings, Aura Photography, Refreshments, Crystals and many interesting stalls

Team Member Image 2

                                         Psychic Fair 18th November

                                                           10am to 4pm

          at Chelsfield Community Hall, Windsor Drive, Chelsfield BR6 6EY

                                                           Free entry

   Readings with popular mediums, healing, crystals, jewellery, handbags

        beauty products and many more gift ideas. Aura photography and                                                                    refreshments

Team Member Image 3

Psychic Fair November 18th

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