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 John Ennis, medium: I would just like to thank you for allowing me to take your service this evening, it was a privilege to be able to serve for spirit in such a loving and welcoming atmosphere.

Danielle: It was lovely meeting you all and thank you for making me so welcome.

Kylie: Thank you so much. Beautiful service.

 Erica: Just got to say one word....and it's 'Charlene'! She is totally amazing medium and last nights demo was absolutely outstanding. Sending loads of love to you all and thanks for all you do.

Dani: It was a truly inspiring evening and very emotional in the way Charlene delivers. I would love to attend a demo with Charlene and Linda when you do it 

 Pauline: Please thank Charlene for a wonderful evening. My friends we very impressed by Charlene as it was their first time seeing her work. i look forward to joining the circle in July.

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